“Move over mrs Markham”

Author: Ray Cooney
Adaptation: George Valaris

Chytirio Theater (A season) /  19.06.2015 - 15.09.2015
(B season) /  26.11.2015 - 15.02.2016
(C season) /  27.05.2016 - 10.09.2016

 Ray Cooney is considered to be one of the most successful heirs to the French farce, earning the label ''the English Feydeau'' in reference to the French farceur Georges Feydeau. In this hilarious comedy originally known as ''Move over Mrs Markham'' (was introduced to the greek audience in 1991-93 named as ''Sto Tsak'' and later on in 2005 as '' tsetse fly '') the protagonists are involved in a a mess of misunderstandings. Todays adaptation by Valaris and Papadopoulos is adjusted to modern Athens making it a neo-Greek comedy, featuring characters familiars and easily distinguishable by everyone. The play was a great success and lasted three seasons.

Creative Team

Director: George Valaris
Translation: Vasia Panagopoulou
Adaptation: George Valaris - Stelios Papadopoulos
Set Design: Konstantinos Zamanis
Costumes Supervisor: George Valaris
Music Supervisor: Nikos Ramos
Assistant Director: Vasilis Koulakiotis
Production: Polihoros Chytirio - Andreas Voutsinas 

Starring:  Ava Galanopoulou,  Argiris Aggelou,  Thomais Androutsou, Sofia Vogiatzaki, Dimitroglou Katerina, Chrysa Klouva, Vasilis Koukouras, Antonis Krobas.
B cast: Pavlos Kontogiannidis, Sotiris Kalivatsis, Sofia Pavlidou, Vasilis Koukouras, Christina Pappa, Eleni Karakasi, Katerina Dimitroglou, Nikos Anadiotis, Chrysa Klouva.
C cast: Pavlos Kontogiannidis, Padelis Kanarakis, Sotiris Kalivatsis, Vana Rabota, Sofia Pavlidou, Vasilis Koukouras, Chrysa Klouva,  Emilios Raftis,  Vicky Kavoura.