Kate Robin

Mikro Gloria Theater/ 18.10.2016- 10.03.2016

What is true faith between a couple? How easily can it be lost? What are we willing to sucrifice in order to keep our relationship alive? In a play by Kate Robin, the ''players'' enter the fight armed with verbal quivers trying to heal the wounds of the past. When lies and infidelities are exposed they decide to to go down the path of love, overcoming the obstacles of love in a different, unconventional way. The play by Kate Robin was ahead of its time. Went on a Greek stage for the first time successfully in 2006, starring Natalia Dragoumi and Giorgos Karamihos. This time the play premieres at ''Mikro Gloria'' in a George Valaris adaptation and direction. The original author dives deep inside a troubled and hurt couple's life, observing their reactions step by step, in a game of dominance and inerchangeable emotional conflicts which lead to a spectacular finale.

Creative Team
Adaptation - Director - Music Supervisor: George Valaris
Assistant Director: Calliope Kotzailia
Theater Props: Dionisis Christofilogiannis
Special Partner: Dinos Lelos
Costumes Design: Alexis Foukos
Lighting Design: Christos Tziogas
Graphics Design: Roula Daniil
Play Photos: Giorgos Kalfamanolis
Video Art:  Vasilis Adoniadis (film skin)
Production: Filotheaton E.E.
Video Guest Stars: Akis Sakellariou, Maria Korinthiou, Silvia Delikoura and George Valaris
Starring: Zeta Douka - Panagiotis Bougiouris