«Cinderella is a...?»

George Valaris - Stelios Papadopoulos

Apotheke Theater  / October 2003 - February 2004 

The first play of the writer duo, Valaris - Papadopoulos. A dark musical comedy of the famous fairy tale of Cinderella where the characters are ''adjusted'' to resemble the contemporary Greek society. A surprise for the Athenian audience at the time and the first ever theatrical production for George Valaris.

Creative Team

Director - Music Supervisor - Costumes Design: George Valaris
Set Design: Labrini Kardara
Music Supervisor-Composer: Alekos Bazanis
Lighting Design: Giorgos Fotopoulos
Choreography: Sokrates Medonis
Assistant Director: Calliope Kotzailia
Producer: George Valaris
Starring: George Valaris, Loukia Papadaki, Kostadia Christoforidou, Calliope Kotzailia, Jenny Diagoupi, Vissarion Tsionas.