«Tom Dick and Harry»

Ray and Michael Cooney
Adaptation: George Valaris - Stelios Papadopoulos

Kivotos Theater/ 13.11.2014
RadioCity Theater/ 08.05.2014- 25.05.2014
Greek Tour/ 23.06.2014- 10.09.2014

Just how wrong can a well planned adoption procedure go for a city couple, Takis and Natalia? A black body bag, two Albanian illegal immigrants, dozens illegally smuggled boxes containing cigarettes and whiskey, a curious police officer on patrol, a dangerous Russian vilain and a myriad of misunderstandings will potentially destroy the adoption. Who's to blame...? Takis' brothers. Makis, a small time crook and Sakis, the ingenius paramedic. Through the goodness of their heart, they unconsciously get their brother mixed up in all sorts of trouble until the unexpected happy ending. The play was a great success, entering the top three of the 2014-15 theatrical box office.

Creative Team

Director: George Valaris

Set Design: Christine Kouloubi
Costumes: Evi Kazakou
Lighting Design: Christos Tziogas
Music Supervisor: George Valaris
Assistant Director: Kon/nos Friggas
Production:  Filotheaton E.E.

Starring:  Sotiris Kalivatsis, Thanasis Viskadourakis, Zisis Roubos, Maria Androutsou, Gianna Zianni, Petroula Christou, Emilios Raftis, Vasilis Giakoumaros, Markos Lezes.