«Mother said No»

George Valaris - Stelios Papadopoulos

Amiral Theater /  15. 11. 2014 - 20.02.2015

Amiral theater's central stage hosts a new play by George Valaris and Stelios Papadopoulos. A modern music comedy starring Martha Karagianni as a <> in her final theatrical play. The play tells a number of different stories almost like a journey through life and relationships. The play tries to point out the thoughts of a loving and caring mother who always either upsets, sooths, troubles, solves problems, makes decisions and defines everything in general. The first word that comes out of our mouths is ''mom'' often followed by ''don't''. The play focuses on a woman's biological clock, her need to spend money on things, the marriage proposal by her husband, his generosity, the ring, the mother's approval, motherhood and even plastic surgery! The play mirror's the modern Greek family during a time of economic recession in relation to family, love and work. Nine stories about life, love, family, marriage and the vast difference between men and women.

Creative Team

Director: George Valaris
Set Design: Konstantinos Zamanis
Costumes: Miltos - Elena Papanikolaou
Music Supervisor: Konstantinos Pagiatis
Lighting: Melina Mascha
Video Art: Kostas Kimoulis
Choreography: Christiana Koulitzaki
Assistant Director: Calliope Kotzailia
Photographer: Katja Kat
Graphics Design: Giannis Tragakis

Martha Karagianni
Nina Lotsari
Mina Orfanou
Lili Tsesmatzoglou
Emilios Raftis
Producer: Panos Livadas