«The Fairy and the lad»

Lakis Mihailidis

Broadway Theater / 28.11.2018
Cinematheater Astoria Iraklio / 19.03.2018 - 22.03.2018
MEGA PLACE CINEMAS Chania / 23.03.2018 - 24.03.2018
Radio City Theater Thessaloniki / 29.03.2018 - 20.04.2018
Municipal Lemesos Theater / 26.06.2019
Makarios Amphitheater Nicosia / 27.06.2019 - 28.06.2019

"Neraida ke to palikari" (1968) featuring the popular duo Vougiouklaki - Papamichail, marks the 3rd in a row popular movie George Valaris adapts, directs and succesfully transfers to the theater. Starring, Maria Korinthiou and Panagiotis Petrakis as the iconic original duo. Xrysoula Diavati in the role of the mother Fourtounakis and Giorgos Konstantinou as father Fourtounakis. A big production featuring a cast of 30 people, Antonis Vassalos' Cretan dancing association and famous Cretan lyre player Nikos Zoidakis along with his orchestra. Premiered in Athens on November 29th 2018, the play was also performed on various Greek cities and Cyprus up until July 2019.

Creative Team
Adaptation - Direction:  George Valaris
Traditional Cretan Music:  Nikos Zoidakis
Set Design: Lia Asvesta
Costumes Design: Elena Papanikolaou
Lighting Design: Vasilis Platakis
Photographer: Manthos Tsakiridis
Play Photos: Photolifez 
Video Trailer: Fotis Fotopoulos
Assistant Director: Konstantinos Frigas
Production: Broadway Show Productions

Singer: Nikos Zoidakis

Starring: Maria Korinthiou (Katerinio), Panagiotis Petrakis (Manousos), Petros Ksekoukis (Skadalakis), Stavros Nikolaidis (Enomotarchis), Spyros Merianos (Priest), Eftychia Fanarioti (Lenio), Andreas Konstantinidis (Manolios), Kosmas Zaharov (Vrontakis)
Giorgos Konstantinou (Father Fourtounakis)
Xrysoula Diavati (Mother Fourtounaki)



50 years after the original we witnessed for the first time as a theatrical play, the romance comedy ''Neraida ke to palikari''. George Valaris' unique adaptation and direction took us to a journey back in time. To Crete, through the wonderful theater props that changing depending on the requirements of each scene. A play that might resemble ''Romeo and Juliet'' given the obstacles a young couple had to face in order to be together. A play that, even though the audience knows the outcome, is mesmerising and makes you not want it to end.

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