«Female Company»

Film, Comedy / 1999 
Nikos Perakis

A film by Nikos Perakis, the director and script writer of the movie along with Katerina Bei marks the first movie part for George Valaris as a hardened bodyguard. Six small town women, emotionally and sexually half empty with a mix of important and unimportant to the local community husbands. With nothing more to deal with other than gossip and beaute, they create their own spot in a small rented appartment. That's the hiding place for all their affairs but they are unaware of a hidden camera installed by a 3rd party. Their intimate moments become public during a big formal reception.

Creative Team

Director: Nikos Perakis

Starring: Maria Georgiadou, Smaragda Diamadidou, Sofi Zaninou, Christina Theodoropoulou, Tania Kapsali, Katia Nikolaidou, Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Dimitris Tzoumakis, Alekos Syssovitis, Kleon Georgiadis, George Valaris, Nikos Kalogeropoulos